Dealing with (Frustrating) Teachers

Ah teachers. A good or great one can inspire you to learn or do things you never thought possible and fall in love with a subject, while a bad one can make you want to bang your head repeatedly on a chalkboard.

When I was in grade and high school I had some truly horrific instructors, some of whom would definitely get fired or face severe discipline in today’s hyper-sensitive society. (Not that being PC is always a bad thing mind you! But some places really go idiotically overboard!)

After graduating and then going back to school a bit older and wiser, I figured I could handle whoever would be in charge of class. Wow, was I wrong, and greatly overestimated my confidence while pursuing a woefully wrong program. One instructor literally bullied my entire class, drove everyone to tears, taught nothing and then claimed to be the victim of some disorder. It was beyond a dumb waste of time, and she, I learned later, was driven to quit by her own incompetence and shitty personality.

Being in a completely new program in a new, and better school, I have been very lucky to have had some excellent instructors. But no place is perfect, and of course I took a bad and painful class with a largely MIA instructor. Once it was done, I enrolled in a similar course with a different teacher. “It will be different this time,” I said, along with “I really need the credit”. Yeah, I must have been on some crazy pills at the time!

He is better, but it is still a painful and largely lonely experience, where I feel miles away from everyone else, some of whom are clique-y and annoying. They also tend to do really conceptual stuff, super artsy, whereas I’d rather not spend hours explaining what a random smudge or line means politically.

He also tends to change his mind, telling me to do one thing, which I do, and upon showing him my hard work, frowns and says to go in another direction.

It wouldn’t be so bad if his new direction wasn’t done already a million times by other people! Really it just sucks and makes me hate the subject, which is a shame, since I’ve always considered myself pretty apt at it. The  end of the term for this one class really cannot come soon enough!

But I will just do my best, finish this assignment and strangely enough, continue working with his first suggestion, because it actually made a lot of sense to me and I enjoy it! It just would be nice if it was appreciated in class..


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Welcome to my Venting Arena!

Hi there!
This is my first time blogging so bear with me. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what the hell this place is all about; Basically it’s a safe space for me to rant. Wait! Don’t go! Yes, I know there are ALOT of places online for people to piss and moan, and complaining on the internet is pretty much how most people fill their time nowadays, but I’m hoping that I’ll find some therapeutic release in it, or at least infuse it with snarky humour. And who knows, maybe other people will relate to my thoughts and feelings. That’d be nice eh?

What’s more this is a site for myself, an aspiring artist and student to point out all the shitty and hopefully not-so shitty aspects of the art system, from schools to the galleries. Not wanting to burn any bridges, this is all done anonymously and with no names mentioned.

Of course it won’t be all negative, and there are many positives to being a creative. I just want this to be an honest place.

Anyways, that’s the scoop. Stick around for more!